Semiconductor manufacturing is complex with hundreds of single steps and potentially long per wafer process times. Although the semiconductor manufacturing process has evolved to become a very sophisticated process, mis-processing risks are still high and multiple failure scenarios can occur. Managing and reducing those risks is a major driver for innovations.

To further reduce the cost of scrap and yield loss, manufacturing engineers continue moving away from physical human inspection and toward the introduction of tools which automate defect classification and signature detection within the production environment.

Data Acquisition


SYSTEMA’s Universal Signature Engine (USE) supports risk management in production with a powerful toolset that automatically classifies defects.

The creation of the Signature Detection System (SDS), in 2005, was the first step by SYSTEMA and AMD (now Globalfoundries) to provide a toolset for scrap cost and yield loss reduction in a production environment. The latest iteration in this product family, Universal Signature Engine (USE) was released in 2018 and brings additional enhancements to meet the needs of highly automated semiconductor wafer processing. USE is shipped with the production-proven algorithms for scratch, ring, spot and cloud detection to ensure the necessary detection quality.

USE is a defect classification and signature detection toolset for reliable and automated classification, supporting process engineers with a user interface for fast set-up of new classifications and optimization of existing scripts.


Simplified Overview

Universal Signature Engine

USE advantages at a glance

  • Signature Detection
  • Cost efficiency
  • State-of-the-Art User Interface
  • Module Based System
  • Visual Scripting
  • Easy to use Process
  • Increased Quality
  • Reduced Yield Loss