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The Evolution of USE Part 1

by André Schaaf- Ledermüller, on July 03, 2018

The Evolution of USE Part 2 – USE, a long journey
The Evolution of USE Part 3 – On the road to the future

Where everything starts

When I recall my first day at SYSTEMA in Dresden, I remember how exciting it was, SYSTEMA had this new project which was going to be the successor of a defect solution called “SDS” – The Signature Detection System.

As we sat in this large meeting at GlobalFoundries in Fab1, everyone looked at me and I heard someone saying: You are the new project lead? It was my 3rd day at SYSTEMA and I thought, really, project lead? Fortunately I had just the right experience to take on this new project.

Over time, and through ongoing development, I learned a lot about defects and the signatures, as well as the different patterns which can be found on a wafer front side.

At this point we had the algorithms from the first version of SDS, which were developed in cooperation with the Technical University Dresden (TU Dresden). We implemented the existing algorithms into SDS 2 with great success.

We built a SDS 2 system which allowed not only a web browser interface, it also provided the functionality to turn down the optimization time by a lot. With the new features, the engineers were able to bring a new classification model into production in less than a day. Previously new model deployment to production averaged two weeks.

In 9 months we created a new and improved SDS product for GlobalFoundries, with a modern web interface, optimized workflow, and new algorithms. Our approach and deployment of SDS 2 enabled GlobalFoundries to optimize their production and improve quality.

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