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The Evolution of USE Part 3

by André Schaaf- Ledermüller, on July 05, 2018

The Evolution of USE Part 1 – Where everything starts
The Evolution of USE Part 2 – USE, a long journey

On the road to the future

We had this new product (SDS 2) which we deployed with great results, though it did have some drawbacks.

I played around with some thoughts and tried to find a concept which would provide a solution for the main problems like customer customization, easy integration of new algorithms, workflow logic, easy to use web browser user interface, …

From everything I had learned so far I created this new concept, made some mockups and showed them to GlobalFoundries and SYSTEMA. Now we had these ideas and concepts but suddenly it went silent.

Other projects and commitments were rising up and USE – The Universal Signature Engine was on hold. In the meantime, we still talked with new customers, operators, and engineers. All of them had the same problems and needs.

I pitched USE in late 2015, nearly two years after the release of SDS 2 and got the green light for the development of USE. That was a great moment!

I started with the development and pretty quickly had some decent results. I deployed a new plugin system, and was able to create detection workflows with a visual script editor and setup production configuration, … everything went really well. We had presentations of this new and greatly improved product version and got a lot of profound opinions and thoughts.

As usual there were new things, in between and another long time period of silence surrounded USE. In June 2017, one and a half years later, we really wanted to bring USE to life. We continued with the development, brought in new resources and were able to bring USE to completion.

With the new USE system and another new algorithm for backside processing, we convinced HSEB Dresden that it would be a good opportunity to have such a system in place, right on their metrology tools, ODIN and WOTAN and also have a full setup for a manufacturing site.

Today with USE we not only provide an easy to use system but also one which is flexible for customer needs. USE can bring in new algorithms in a short amount of time, gives you the ability to debug your workflows right in the browser and also the needed tools to optimize the yield and reduce scrap.

The fully automated classification gives you the ability to inspect your wafers 24/7 at a constant rate, reduce scrap, and schedule down tools early for additional maintenance to avoid larger problems. USE features enable improved quality and increased customer satisfaction.

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