25 Years of SYSTEMA – Art of Automation

When SYSTEMA was founded in the early ‘90s, our small team of four organized our efforts around the idea of developing software solutions for process automation. Opportunities in the medical industry for process automation seemed promising but, ultimately, that idea was well ahead of its time.

In the world of semiconductor manufacturing, automation was in high demand. Improvements in efficiency, quality, and cost reductions were evident through the automation of data collection and production processes. The smart factory was in its infancy, the Internet of Things was just a speck on the digital horizon, and the SYSTEMA team was positioned right in the heart of the semiconductor industry in Dresden to grow alongside these technologies into a new digital age.

As manufacturing processes have continued to increase in complexity, we have become skilled in providing software solutions that span across numerous discrete manufacturing industry verticals. Since 1997, we have been working with our customers in highly automated discrete manufacturing towards the vision of the “Lights Out Fab”.

Our continued interest, some may even call it a passion, around the art of automation has provided us with deep insights into the unique needs and challenges presented in today’s production environments and has led to our development of sophisticated solutions in many areas of production.

In the future, we want to do even more to demonstrate our passion for the “Art of Automation” – the craft, skill, and science of software automation. To do so, we will streamline and deepen our service portfolio, continue to expand the international presence of our company, establish strong internal structures and processes, and continue to promote the development of our employees and their potential. To further the development of our company, we have partnered, and now co-own SYSTEMA, with the Wirtschaftsfond Sachsen (Saxony Economic Development Fund).

Our success would not be possible without the long-term, partnership-based relationships we maintain with our employees, partners, and customers over the years. For this, I extend my sincere gratitude to each and every one of you for your ongoing contributions, support, and achievements.

With more than 170 employees at several international locations, the SYSTEMA team has proudly supported our customers worldwide on their path to “smart production” for 25 years. We have big plans for future growth and look forward to many new assignments, projects, and outstanding collaborations.

Yours sincerely,
Manfred Austen, CEO and Founder

25 Years of SYSTEMA


  • »As a graphic designer, I don't understand many of the more technical things that happen around me, but the company has a good atmosphere and on Tuesdays the burger wagon comes, which is nice.«
    • Justus Streit
    • – since 2018 designer at SYSTEMA
  • »Our technologies, teams and projects are always evolving. Constant change demands we bring our best selves and flexibility to work every day.«
    • Silvia Pattoka
    • – since 2017 dual student at SYSTEMA
  • »The family-like company atmosphere often makes me forget that SYSTEMA works worldwide with highly complex software solutions.«
    • Mario Lange
    • – SAP Project Manager, since 2004 at SYSTEMA
  • »I appreciate working on my own set of responsibilities at SYSTEMA a lot. Alone or in a team, the range of projects brings variety and challenge.«
    • Maria Albrecht
    • – SAP Manufacturing Consultant, works for SYSTEMA since 2015
  • »In my opinion, SYSTEMA is suitable for people with both hobbies and family and ambitions. I have an exciting job in a family-like work environment full of extremely competent people in which I can practice and hone my skills
    • Mihai-Andrei Balan
    • – Dual student since 2016
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1993 – Dreaming Big in Regensburg 

SYSTEMA was founded by Inge Schöll-Austen and Manfred Austen in Regensburg in 1993.

This was the first of many steps towards realizing the dream to build an international information technology and software development organization.

In these early years, SYSTEMA GmbH displayed all the hallmarks of an IT startup – long days, late nights, and an unwavering belief in our ability to succeed.


1997 – The Village Startup

In the 8 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, a new industry emerged in Eastern Germany: microelectronics. SYSTEMA recognized this as an opportunity to deliver its software development and IT skills to fabs in need of automation.

The acquisition of a large manor in Eastern Germany followed and SYSTEMA relocated to a small village outside of Dresden. Upon arrival, it became clear that phone service was still a rarity in Eastern Germany – and by good fortune, SYSTEMA’s new home had the only phone in the entire village.

2000 – In the spirit of Manfred

As SYSTEMA outgrew the village manor, it looked to relocate near the big semiconductor fabs in Saxon Silicon Valley, where automation was in high demand. As fate would have it, the address of the perfect location was “Manfred-von-Ardenne-Ring,” in memory of Manfred von Ardenne – a famous German inventor and researcher who also happens to be the namesake of SYSTEMA’s founder Manfred Austen.

Manfred von Ardenne, who held over 600 patents, exemplified the passion to create and contribute something important to the world, a principle that guides the employees of SYSTEMA on a daily basis. Today, SYSTEMA has grown into the successful, international software development company that was once just a dream and has offices and employees on three continents and customers worldwide.


We look back on 25 successful years and
look forward to exciting new projects.

25 years of implementation specification automation excellence