A virtual round-table aimed at leaders and disruptors across the Engineering industry to discuss the modernization of manufacturing

One thing you can rely on post-pandemic is a marked shift within the Automation and Industry 4.0 space. The purpose of this virtual round-table is to provide a forum where connections share thoughts, knowledge, disruptive ideas and industry insights to help elevate the engineering industry.

In this installment of the virtual round-table we will tackle a number of topical questions:

  • How will SME’s adapt to maintain production without the requirement for staff onsite?
  • Will introducing automation in a manufacturing environment result in higher production rates, increased productivity, more efficient use of materials, better product quality and improved safety?
  • What are the disadvantages of introducing automation into an SME environment?

Industry renowned experts will share their experiences and answer your burning questions!

Brian Waterfield (Jaguar Land Rover)

  • 20 years experience in design, manufacturing, research, engineering and after-sales as well as over 14 years’ experience in digital technology innovation.
  • Brian is a Virtual Reality & High-end Visualization Technical Lead and Digital Manufacturing Manager and has worked within automotive and other sectors across the industry.

Ken Williamson (PragmatIC)

  • Ken holds more than 35 years experience within the semiconductor and electronics manufacturing industries and possesses a profound knowledge across all aspects of high-tech manufacturing.
  • Ken has also successfully run his own engineering and management consulting business since 2008 sharing his wealth of operational experience in taking new-start technology companies on to high volume manufacturing.

Ricco Walter (SYSTEMA)

  • All of his working career has been spent in highly specialized software and consulting partners with a clear focus on seamless automation of manufacturing processes.
  • Ricco comes with strong enthusiasm for manufacturing challenges and industry trends, and offers automation experience from more than 20 years in the high-tech industry.

If you’re the owner of an SME, an Engineer interested in discovering more about Automation, work within the Manufacturing industry and are curious about the impact this might have on you or simply want to know more about how this topical issue as it becomes increasingly prevalent across countless sectors in a post COVID-19 landscape, register your virtual attendance today!

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