SYSTEMA ExpertDay 2020

Shaping the shop floor of the future

Stop the race to win the race?

Smart and digital manufacturing are no longer “just” buzzwords. The race was started years ago and the results are clear: your operations will thrive if you digitize and automate faster and more efficiently than your competitors. Hardware specialists and equipment vendors have also realized that software is a key differentiator to success; access to equipment data is the basis to achieve the promises of Machine Learning, and Big Data, and ultimately to provide manufacturing-relevant solutions to the shop-floor, in-time, in-quality, and in-budget.

To dominate the race, manufacturers need to focus on the goals of their end-to-end digitization roadmap, phase out isolated data systems in favor of a coherent real-time data warehouse, and drive integration and automation further. Is there a magic trick or does anybody know a secret ingredient? How can you be sure that the direction you have chosen and the solutions you have selected are indeed decreasing per-unit costs?

Often, the preconditions are less than ideal. Especially with ever-changing customer requirements and audits that become increasingly challenging to meet. Industry 4.0 seems light years away when you cannot even convince your equipment to “talk” to you, or the only person who knows how to enhance your MES software is about to retire.

Now is the time to take the initiative, sharpen your knowledge, expand your network, and develop your strategy and tactics. While we won't propose that you stop the race (or for that matter, production) we do have industry-proven strategies to assess what is and isn’t working, explore your options and help you win the race toward manufacturing digitization.

The good news is there are ways to define your manufacturing IT landscape in a way that accounts for future challenges such as integrating additional pieces of equipment, and releasing solutions to new or sister-sites – allowing you to think big, start small, and move quickly, while maintaining focus on your core business.

Please join us at SYSTEMA to share your experiences, and further discuss and explore these important ideas and topics!


AGENDA: January 23, 2020

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  • Welcome and Introduction

    Manfred Austen | CEO, SYSTEMA

  • Data & Analytics: How Machine Learning and Big Data Increase Yield and Efficiency

    Dr. Holger Brandl | Analytics Solution Architect, SYSTEMA

    Manufacturing analytics is a demanding field tying together big data, distributed computing, statistics and machine intelligence in order to accurately adjust and optimize production. More information

  • Tidbits of Automation: Evolutionary Steps to close the Gaps

    Ricco Walter | Managing Director, SYSTEMA Malaysia & Singapore

    Digital transformation creates a spirit of optimism but also some uncertainty in the manufacturing industry. More information

  • Towards Full Factory Scheduling

    Sebastian Bayer | Data Scientist and AI Consultant, Robert Bosch

    Strategies to overcome challenges we face on a journey to a fully-automated Waferfab with superior WIP flow optimization capabilities. More information

  • Wrap-up, networking and discussion