A journey through the rapidly evolving semiconductor manufacturing landscape

On September 14–15, 2023 we took a journey through the rapidly evolving semiconductor manufacturing landscape at our annual Factory Automation User Group event and addressed:

  • US Chips and Science Act, European Chips Act, and similar activities in SEA, India, and worldwide
  • Huge investment announcements for Silicon Saxony
  • Supply Chain Resilience
  • Skill shortages everywhere

The semiconductor kitchen is rich in flavors and textures in 2023!

And yet, amidst all the headlines, existing fabs and their owners have quietly found ways to address their challenges. At the 2023 Factory Automation User Group our SYSTEMA users, who we’ve proudly supported for 30 years, were given a platform to share  their amazing automation journeys with us.

The following topics were covered at the event:

  • Automating material flow
  • Supporting your operators by integrating the (legacy) shop floor
  • Building and strengthening your Digital Backbone
  • Boosting your MES
  • How to further improve your fab
  • The path to high automation
  • Managing inter-fab supply chains

Impressions of the Event

Agenda Overview

  • Back to the future of manufacturing – A 30 year automation journey

    Manfred Austen | SYSTEMA

  • RFID based location monitoring – How to expand an existing automation landscape for 6 and 8 inch gradually

    Tarek Daood | X-FAB

  • Mobile tracking with handheld devices

    Dr. René Kellenbenz | Vishay

  • Manufacturing life beyond the semiconductor industry – Optimizing automotive rework with Dispatching and Scheduling

    Richard Schleicher | BMW
    Martin Krüger | SYSTEMA

  • Moving the FFC GUI to the web – Motivation, current state & roadmap

    Tomas Kuric SYSTEMA

  • Next level application management – Introducing Docker extension for SYSTEMA James

    Axel Wogawa SYSTEMA

  • Future fab message bus – An interim update on our assessments of potential candidates

    Herbert Helmstreit | SYSTEMA

  • How can manufacturers and SYSTEMA prepare for the next decade?

    Manfred Austen, Dr. Ulf Martin | SYSTEMA

  • Real-time batch optimization and Scheduling in wafer production – Harnessing Digital Twins to unleash workcenter performance

    Dr. Holger Brandl | SYSTEMA

  • No MCS needed (yet) – How to introduce material transport automation on a smaller scale

    Tan Hai-Sheng | SYSTEMA Singapore

  • Accelerate complex backend manufacturing with single device traceability – How to add this functionality to a real-world Assembly & Test line

    Greg Buscato | Ampleon Philippines
    Sven Köhler | SYSTEMA

  • Mobile robot navigation in a semiconductor fab – In which scenarios is the MCS the right “remote control”

    Martin Däumler | Fabmatics

  • How to benefit from a resilient supply chain based on automatic, end-to-end data harmonization

    Said Akar | PDF Solutions USA

  • Vision & roadmaps for future semiconductor manufacturing

    Germar Schneider | Infineon