This years FAUG has got you covered!

The semiconductor industry is currently experiencing a rollercoaster of emotions from feverish demand that is almost impossible to meet to a steadily cooling market situation. Production priorities are shifting, targets are being revised or realigned, with significant implications for manufacturing IT and the Shopfloor. 

2024 Factory Automation User Group Event is there to help!
It will focus on solutions and current projects that made a significant contribution to level up your Fab Intelligence with Data Analytics, optimize your production and answer at least some of the difficult questions in the shopfloor logistics and handling. 

With its unique mix of updates on the latest SYSTEMA developments, deep insights into real projects and open exchange between participants, 2024 FAUG will be one of the most important events for you to attend this year.

You can look forward to these topics:

  • Infrastructure / Alternatives for Tibco
  • Digital Twins, Material Contol System (MCS), Material Tracking System (MTS), SYSTEMA Real-Time Intelligence Suite (RI Suite)
  • Equipment Integration, Recipe Management System (RMS)
  • Research and Outlook

Join us as we come together to explore the latest developments in factory automation and celebrate the power of collaboration in semiconductor industry. The event promises to be both informative and entertaining. Additional networking opportunities will be available at our highly anticipated evening event.


For guest accommodations, we recommend the Motel One Dresden-Palaisplatz which is located in the heart of the city of Dresden, near the Old Town. We have reserved a number of rooms with a special price for you. Please book your room until July 31, 2024 by using the following document.

Impressions from the last event