Datafication & Automation:
The new normal for semiconductor manufacturing

The 18th Innovation Forum for Automation is set up to offer you even more this year – more sessions, more in-depth insights, and more real-world scenarios from industry experts.

The Innovation Forum for Automation, as you know it, has been transformed into a series of virtual events during the first four months of the year – with each partner company of the Automation Network Dresden (AND) hosting an event.

The Kick off was done by SYSTEMA: Addressing the current digital transformation, our speakers highlighted the changes and challenges in semiconductor manufacturing.

To continue our tradition of providing an excellent opportunity for sharing experiences between industry experts, our guest speakers talked about their insights from both semiconductor front-end and back-end manufacturing.

We were pleased to offer you an exciting agenda. Thank you for your interest and your attendance.

We already look forward to connecting with you at the 19th Innovation Forum for Automation in 2022!


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  • Welcome

    Ricco WalterSYSTEMA

  • Keynote

    Manfred AustenSYSTEMA

  • Adapting Frontend’s Best Practices and Standards for Full Backend Automation

    Alan Weber | Cimetrix, USA

  • Integrating Sensors for a SMARTER Manufacturing Execution System

    Jean-Marc Philippe | STMicroelectronics, Singapore

  • 10 Minutes Break

  • IIoT-Powered AI: Master Games Without Knowing the Rules

  • Never Too Late to Automate: Efficient Material Handling in Golden Age Fabs

    Claus Kleilein | Fabmatics

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