Digital Transformation with SAP: Manufacturing with Precious MetalsSYSTEMA and Heraeus Electronics optimized manufacturing operations through strategic digital transformation. This case study provides analysis, outcomes, and methodologies that drove significant efficiency and operational improvements. 

Learn about the various operational challenges Heraeus Electronics faced and how SYSTEMA’s customized SAP solutions helped overcome these to modernize their manufacturing processes. This case study details the steps taken to digitize, automate, and standardize operations, serving as a practical model for similar success for international implementation and roll-out of a standardized MES solution. It includes real-time data showing how these changes improved operational visibility and efficiency. Additionally, discover how SYSTEMA implemented mobile monitoring capabilities and used a global template to standardize processes across the company.

What you’ll learn:

  • The steps taken to achieve paperless manufacturing
  • How mobile dashboards can increase control and efficiency
  • The importance of real-time visibility into manufacturing operations
  • Strategies for standardizing processes at the global business level
  • Effective rollout of international standardized MES solutions

Download "Digital Transformation with SAP: Manufacturing with Precious Metals" and take another step closer to achieving the visibility, control, and information required to remain competitive today and in the future.

4 pages, reading time ~ 5 minutes