Case Study Event-Driven Dispatching Preview ImageTaking steps toward digital transformation within a live production environment can be intimidating. Fortunately, many before you have successfully implemented digital transformation initiatives.

In this case study, you will learn how a global leader in semiconductor component manufacturing integrated an automated, real-time, event-driven dispatching system into their IT landscape.

While this case study deals with semiconductor manufacturing, event-driven dispatching has a proven track record across many industries. Learn how you may be able to benefit from such a tool within your manufacturing environment.

What you will learn:

  • How event-driven dispatching enables manufacturers to meet increased demand and production complexity
  • How a digital transformation initiative can be applied within a well-established, live production environment
  • Use cases for an automated dispatching system based on real-world manufacturing scenarios
  • Before & after evaluation of dispatching success metrics

8 pages, reading time ~10 minutes