Case Study IIoTThe ability to reliably deliver high-quality products on time and as ordered depends heavily on the ability to accurately assess the time it will take to produce the finished product. A manufacturer of automotive lighting systems enlisted SYSTEMAs expertise to automate cycle time data collection and analysis to reduce manual efforts and determine the root cause of excessive cycle times. Using IIoT, this manufacturer was able to achieve a quick and cost-effective solution to resolve a critical delay and deliver their product on time.

What you will learn:

In this case study, you’ll see how SYSTEMA helped a manufacturer of automotive lighting systems:

  • retrofit their legacy production equipment to provide data necessary for calculating cycle times
  • automate their cycle time data collection process
  • identify and resolve equipment bottlenecks
  • reduce cycle times

Downloadable documents include:

Case Study: 6 pages, reading time ~9 minutes