Case Study Root Cause AnalysisIn the ultra-competitive semiconductor industry, manufacturers are on a never-ending search for higher production yields. Lot quality is one area where there is an opportunity to improve yields based on technology by identifying golden lots and finding poor-quality lots. A large global manufacturer approached SYSTEMA in 2015 with the idea for a lot quality application that would track movements of lots around the fab floor, with the specific purpose of identifying root causes of quality defects.

What you will learn:

In this case study, you’ll see how SYSTEMA helped a large global manufacturer:

  • reduce root cause investigations times from weeks or months to minutes
  • identify contaminated lots that were creating production bottlenecks
  • visualize lot quality data and route maps to aid in quality investigations
  • improve production yields

Downloadable documents include:

Management Summary: 2 pages, reading time ~3 minutes

Case Study: 11 pages, reading time ~15 minutes