Case Study Robotic Process Automation Linxens, renowned worldwide for its expertise in creating electronic components, recently collaborated with SYSTEMA to overcome automation challenges posed by legacy equipment. This partnership focused on automating Linxens’ shopfloor machinery that lacked a communication interface. SYSTEMA’s Robotic Process Automation (RPA) was selected as an alternative to SECS/GEM interface retrofitting because of its wide range of capabilities, cost-effectiveness, and shorter implementation time.

Learn how Linxens was able to bypass the SECS/GEM requirement and unlock new efficiencies in our case study on integrating legacy equipment in the manufacturing industry.

What you will learn:

In this case study, you’ll see how SYSTEMA helped Linxens:

  • Extend the capabilities of legacy manufacturing equipment, significantly reducing the need for expensive replacement
  • Automate tedious and repetitive activities including equipment set-up procedures such as recipe selection and parameterization
  • Leverage RPA’s capabilities to create structured tool histories using SEMI E10 standards for OEE monitoring
  • Gain visibility into production issues

9 pages, reading time ~12 minutes