Whitepaper_Mockup_Dispatching_DetailedSYSTEMA recently solicited real-world scenarios from manufacturers who were facing specific challenges in their factories as it relates to dispatching. To be clear, dispatching is defined as:

“the determination of the right material to process, on the right equipment, right now”.

In exchange, we took these very detailed scenarios, summarized them, and offered our approach to resolving each issue using an automated, event-driven dispatching solution. We are happy to share these automated dispatching use cases with you today.

What you will learn:

The scenarios we received identified challenges with:

  • batch processing efficiencies,
  • equipment capabilities,
  • starvations and bottlenecks,
  • prioritization of lots for on-time delivery,
  • equipment capacity optimization,
  • and implementation and enforcement of timer conditions.

15 pages, reading time ~ 25 minutes