Exchange experiences and tackle new challenges

The 2021 Factory Automation User Group was an exchange of experiences and ideas to tackle new challenges in semiconductor manufacturing.

In September 2021, SYSTEMA hosted our first Factory Automation User Group event focused on sharing factory experiences, challenges, and solutions.

SYSTEMA solution experts and factory automation end-users from Bosch, Vishay, and X-FAB provided in-depth insights into current projects and new approaches in factory automation.

Access the following presentations:

  • Welcome

    This presentation covers current semiconductor automation and industry trends.

    Approximate viewing time: 30 minutes

    Manfred Austen | SYSTEMA

  • SYSTEMA’s Little Helpers

    This presentation offers insights and best practices regarding the orchestration of distributed automation applications by leveraging equipment integration and automation.

    Approximate viewing time: 30 minutes

    Stefan Große | SYSTEMA

  • Recipe Management System at Bosch Reutlingen

    Watch a limited demonstration of features and functionality of SYSTEMA’s Recipe Management System as implemented at Bosch Reutlingen.

    Approximate viewing time: 25 minutes

    Peter Braniek | Bosch

  • SelfMade Scheduler

    Learn about the motivation, approach, development, and first experiences with SelfMade Scheduler, XFAB’s self-developed fab control system.

    Approximate viewing time: 30 minutes

    Carina Malinowska | X-FAB

  • Management of Non-Productive Materials in Highly Automated Fabs

    Learn about the process of developing automation to quickly and easily create complex test wafer packages in order to:

    • keep test wafer source material stock as low as possible
    • avoid specific operator training
    • handle test wafer packages the same way as
      production lots
    • automate transactions associated with test wafer processing (for example equipment
      status updates)

    Approximate viewing time: 25 minutes

    Ricco Walter | SYSTEMA

  • IIOT Upgrade for FAB Legacy Equipment

    Learn how Vishay leverages SYSTEMA’s IIoT Services & Solutions to optimize high-value equipment in their fab and view a demo of the solution.

    Approximate viewing time: 40 minutes

    Bernd Fankhauser | Vishay

  • Single Device Traceability: Benefits and how to achieve it

    Watch an in-depth presentation on use-cases, benefits, and processes for automating the identification and tracking of individual dies (especially after one or more have been assembled into a device) in order to meet traceability requirements and quickly react to issues with production processes.

    Approximate viewing time: 50 minutes

    Thomas Lang | SYSTEMA

  • FI-Suite in Production

    X-FAB shares experiences in the development, implementation, and roadmap for FI Suite (SYSTEMA’s Real-Time Intelligence Suite), an event processing engine generating fab KPIs in real-time using SEMA-Tech data models, linear performance characteristics, full drill-down capabilities to a single fab event, and much more. 

    Approximate viewing time: 30 minutes

    Richard Walther and Torsten Gereke | X-FAB

  • Analytics in a Data-Driven Production Environment

    Dr. Brandl shares insightful approaches to acquiring, structuring, storing, and analyzing data to unlock full manufacturing potential.

    Approximate viewing time: 30 minutes

    Dr. Holger Brandl | SYSTEMA