SYSTEMA’s Global Template Approach for SAP DMCCommitting to the implementation and adoption of a new manufacturing execution system is a monumental effort. So monumental, in fact, that the importance of developing a global template in parallel can not be overstated or overlooked.

Your organization can achieve global process optimization, transparency across all sites, and long-term scalability while saving time and money by creating a single-system strategy for all of your manufacturing sites using SYSTEMA’s global template approach for SAP DMC.

Learn how to:

  • quickly deploy a unified manufacturing execution system across many sites in parallel
  • harmonize production processes across sites
  • reduce the total cost of ownership for manufacturing IT by consolidating into a single system
  • achieve visibility into your production sites
Download the best practices guide, “SYSTEMA’s Global Template Approach for SAP DMC”, and take the next step towards harmonizing and visualizing your production assets. 

4 pages, reading time ~ 6 minutes