In this webinar recording, we will introduce you to SAPs cloud solution for manufacturing processes (SAP DMC).

Almost all IT applications can be run from the cloud today. Why not manufacturing software as well? Anyone looking for answers to this question is usually quickly faced with a number of other questions, such as:

  • Can I control a production fail-safe with an MES from the cloud?
  • How can I guarantee short response times if my plants are bidirectionally integrated?
  • What does the edge component do?

In this webinar recording, our experts show you which solution approaches SAP DMC offers for this and how they can be applied.

Main Topics:

  1. Presenting the most important SAP DMC components and their interaction.
  2. Example with demo
  3. Summary and outlook:
    What do you need to consider when thinking about implementing SAP DMC?
    An outlook in the development in the near future, especially the use of the Edge components