SAP Best Practices Electronics Preview ImageElectronics manufacturers are facing increasingly strict quality and regulatory requirements. End-to-end traceability, process controls and accurate data regarding production processes are now critical for meeting quality and regulatory requirements – not to mention the efficiencies they provide.

Skillfully implemented SAP Manufacturing solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of electronics manufacturers. Further, SAP Manufacturing solutions offer your manufacturing organization a scalable and sustainable solution to accommodate future growth.

What you’ll learn:

In “SAP Manufacturing Solutions: Best Practices for Electronics Manufacturing”, we share our best practices for leveraging the broad capabilities SAP Manufacturing solutions provide to the electronics manufacturing industry, including:

  • Equipment and systems integration
  • Panel handling
  • Defect detection
  • Process and quality controls
  • OEE tools
  • Recipe Management
  • Real-time production insights
  • And more!

7 pages, reading time ~ 15 minutes