SAP Best Practices Metal Preview ImageDiscrete metal manufacturers face strict quality and regulatory compliance requirements for the vast majority of their products. End-to-end traceability, test data accessibility, and management of quality certificates is critical to meet these requirements.

Skillfully implemented SAP Manufacturing solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of discrete metal manufacturers. Further, SAP Manufacturing solutions offer your manufacturing organization a scalable and sustainable solution to accommodate future growth.

What you’ll learn:

In “SAP Manufacturing Solutions: Best Practices for Discrete Metal Industries”, we share our best practices for leveraging the broad capabilities SAP Manufacturing solutions provide to the discrete metal manufacturing industry, including:

  • Detection of quality issues
  • Process and quality control with SPC
  • Online monitoring of machine status
  • Machine setup (support of the operator during the setup process based on the master data in ERP/MES)
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) reporting
  • Distributed manufacturing
  • Full support of ERP batch and classification data
  • Compliance and non-conformance management
  • Quality certificates management
  • And more!

12 pages, reading time ~ 20 minutes