What is it?

this webinar recording is a “must watch” for everyone who wants to get the most out of the new features of Embedded SAP SAC in Digital Manufacturing for their reporting.
In the webinar, our SYSTEMA experts first introduce you to the new architecture with the most important innovations of cloud reporting in SAP Digital Manufacturing (release March 2023).
In the second part, meaningful reports will be created step by step based on use cases and questions from practice. In two demonstrations, our experts show you:

  1. How to create an initial report quickly and easily
  2. Deep Dive: How to use the possibilities of Embedded SAC for complex reporting scenarios

Main Topics:

  • Presentation of the new architecture and current features of the reporting functionalities in SAP Digital Manufacturing (Embedded SAC)
  • Demonstration of the Reporting Journey based on two use cases:
    • Quick Reporting
    • Deep Dive

Our experts have been providing consulting, implementation, training, and support for SAP Manufacturing solutions since 2009 and are uniquely positioned to apply this knowledge to help you achieve your goals.