What is it?

Learn how industrial Robotic Process Automation (RPA) enables equipment integration for legacy semiconductor equipment and equipment that lacks programmatic connectors. Equipment integration allows the automation of formerly manual activities performed by operators and engineers at the equipment user interfaces. This includes, for example, tool status checks, recipe selection, tool setup, and alarm clearance. RPA interprets and interacts with the information at the equipment user interface as a human operator would.

Main Topics:

  • Overcoming challenges with legacy tools in production
  • Overview of SYSTEMAs semiconductor manufacturing AI for monitoring and automation of industrial equipment interactions
  • RPA use cases for the semiconductor industry (front and back-end)
  • Quick and cost-effective retrofit for legacy tools

SYSTEMA specializes in supporting semiconductor manufacturers in achieving the IT capabilities necessary to address the needs of the complete semiconductor value chain – from wafering to front-end through to back-end assembly and test. For 30 years, SYSTEMA has developed and implemented solutions designed around the unique requirements of semiconductor manufacturers.