SAP Manufacturing Best Practices Complex Production Preview ImageComplex Production provides some of the most sophisticated products of the new industrial age. From airlines to aerospace
to defense, a wide variety of industries rely on Complex Production to deliver some of the most unique products on the planet. 

The gold standard in Complex Production involves manufacturing the highest quality products with zero defects and zero scrap. A daunting task, but with the skillful implementation of SAP Manufacturing solutions the complexity becomes manageable. SAP Manufacturing solutions enable Complex Production digitization, standardization, automation and optimization.

What you’ll learn:

In “SAP Manufacturing Solutions: Best Practices for Complex Production”, we share our best practices for leveraging the broad capabilities SAP Manufacturing solutions provide, including:

  • Achieving end-to-end traceability
  • Improving OEE
  • Reducing misprocessing
  • Gaining transparency across the entire production lifecycle
  • Detection of quality issues
  • Process and quality control with SPC
  • Support for both synchronous and asynchronous assembly with high data volumes
  • Support for engineering change management
  • And more!

12 pages, reading time ~ 20 minutes