Ricco joined SYSTEMA in 2008. With more than 20 years of automation background in semiconductor industries, Ricco went on a mission to establish SYSTEMA’s business in Southeast Asia and became managing director for SYSTEMA Automation Solutions Malaysia in 2014. 

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Datafication and Automation for Semiconductor Manufacturing

The semiconductor industry has reached a point where manual processes are no longer efficient enough to support mass chip customization and remote operations. The many technological and standardization advances behind automation can help streamline some of a factory’s most labor-intensive tasks including the loading or unloading of machines or lot tracking and data collection while reducing operational costs.
The mindset of the industry saw a remarkable shift as it recognized with heightened urgency the need to deploy data-driven visualization, analysis, scheduling and dispatching solutions to increase automation to improve production speed and efficiency. We will share experiences how to incorporate the shop floor with smart manufacturing solutions, and what impact these will have on the factory integration and automation landscape.

Ricco also hosted SYSTEMAs Innovation Forum 2021. You can find the recordings of the event here.

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