Industry 4.Now: Leveraging SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) for Actionable Insights

Confident decision-making can be a challenge when it comes to managing manufacturing performance. Learn how SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) delivers actionable insights for data-driven decision making on August 27, 2020.

SAP Analytics Cloud offers a wide range of functionalities including business intelligence, planning, and extended analytics to name just a few.

This webinar will focus on discussing advanced manufacturing intelligence topics such as the benefits of multi-source data integration and achieving visibility into the production performance of an entire plant. We look forward to having you join the discussion.


Main Topics

  • Multi-source data integration
  • Contextualization of ERP, manufacturing and third-party data
  • Benefits of data harmonization
  • Data-driven insights
  • Complete visualization of manufacturing performance
  • Example of integration with SAP ME and third-party data