Delivering manufacturing systems integrations, extensions, consulting and customized software solutions to numerous manufacturing industry verticals is the core and strength of our business. Our reputation and brand are built upon over a quarter century of conducting business with an ethic bound by mutual respect and trust – among our team, customers, partners and competitors.

We are proud of the reputation we have earned through successful delivery of manufacturing automation solutions to over a hundred independent customers, including Fortune Global 500 companies within semiconductor, solar, automotive, aerospace and defense, consumer electronics, and retail industries. Together, our team, partners, and customers will continue to drive innovation with the Art of Automation.

We consider it an art to elicit our customer’s true intention, and to employ our expertise in order to provide solutions that exceed expectations within the defined scope, schedule, and budget. Our experience guides us in determining where to start, how to start, and why to start there.

This experience also allows us to recognize the difference between marketing hype, solutions that work, and those that simply show promise. As a result, we consistently guide our customers towards solutions that truly fit their needs  even if it means that we might not be the right partner for them.

SYSTEMA is a privately owned and operated company founded in 1993 and is currently represented by nearly 200 employees in Germany, the US, Malaysia, Singapore, India and Israel.