SYSTEMA Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS) is designed specifically for front-end semiconductor manufacturers with complex flows and production scenarios. Our solution is perfect for those who prioritize high automation capabilities, operate multiple manufacturing sites, and seek to optimize their operations.

APS is a unique scheduling solution that blends cutting-edge optimization techniques with practical heuristic rules. This approach supports quick, almost real-time decisions. By combining list scheduling heuristics with advanced optimization methods, APS significantly boosts performance and efficiency.

Build a robust and adaptable manufacturing process that can withstand disruptions, ensuring continuous operation and stability.

Key Benefits

SYSTEMA APS is designed to optimize front-end semiconductor manufacturing with a robust set of features. Our near real-time, event-driven solution prevents delays, bottlenecks, and errors using an advanced toolbox based on sophisticated and efficient methods of handling data.


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Reduced Cost per Unit

Lower your production costs by streamlining processes and reducing waste, ultimately increasing your profitability.

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Eliminate Need for 24/7 Operator Presence

Transition to a more efficient, automated system that no longer requires operators to be present around the clock, reducing labor costs and improving working conditions.

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Increased Equipment Utilization & Throughput

Maximize the performance of your equipment with intelligent scheduling and planning, ensuring every piece of machinery is used to its full potential.

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Enhance Resilience Against Geopolitical, Pandemic, & Climate Change Challenges

Build a robust and adaptable manufacturing process that can withstand global disruptions, ensuring continuous operation and stability.

Key Capabilities

Reduced Latency for Real-Time Capabilities

Experience true real-time operations with minimal latency, allowing for immediate responses to changes and events.

Line Balancing & Predictability

Achieve a balanced production line with predictable outcomes, reducing variability and increasing consistency.

Transparency & Measurability

Gain full visibility into your operations, enabling you to measure and predict results accurately.

Constraint Modeling

Accurately model and express constraints, ensuring that your planning and scheduling are realistic and achievable.

What can you expect from SYSTEMA APS?

Our solution is designed to deliver significant improvements in efficiency and reliability across your semiconductor manufacturing operations. With advanced real-time capabilities, measurable and predictable results, and sophisticated modeling tools, SYSTEMA APS enhances every aspect of your production process. Beyond implementation, our dedicated support and consulting services help you continually improve and maximize your operational potential.

Measurable & Predictable Results

Achieve and demonstrate clear, predictable outcomes, making it easier to justify and assess the impact of your planning and scheduling decisions.

Advanced Modeling & Constraint Expression

Benefit from sophisticated modeling capabilities that accurately represent the constraints and complexities of your shopfloor.

End-to-End Integration & Implementation

Purchase, integrate, and implement our solution through a single provider, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free process.

Ongoing Support & Guidance

Our commitment to your success doesn't end with implementation. We provide continuous consulting to help you harvest potential in all areas of your operations, ensuring ongoing improvement and optimization.

What’s in the box?

Choosing SYSTEMA APS for your semiconductor manufacturing operations offers numerous advantages that streamline and optimize your processes. Our user-friendly solution allows your team to adapt quickly without extensive training, freeing up your subject matter experts and IT resources to focus on their core responsibilities. With seamless integration, flexible deployment options, and comprehensive support, SYSTEMA APS provides exceptional value and reliability. 

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Playful interface to learn how the scheduler is maximizing fab performance

Solver Configuration Icon

Solver Configuration

Adjust integration, data and optimization settings of scheduler in your fab

Fab Forecast Icon

Fab Forecast

Predict future fab state and lot completion

Metrics UI Icon

Metrics UI

Analyze operational scheduler metrics

Operator UI Icon

Operator UI

Frontend to guide operators selecting the optimal lot

Compliance Analysis Icon

Compliance Analysis

Analyze operator compliance to reveal issues with scheduling

Shopfloor Constraint Modeling

APS supports all relevant shopfloor characteristics such as: 

  • Batch formation
  • Maintenance & qualification planning
  • Timer consideration
  • Lot-to-tool dedications
  • Operator planning
  • Reticle support
  • Flip chip bonding
  • Energy utilization

User-Friendly Interface

Maintain scheduler configuration and track operational metrics with a user-friendly interface.



SYSTEMA APS offers a variety of integration options and can be integrated into various other platforms, allowing schedule results to be accessed through:

  • Message Bus and REST interfaces
  • Dedicated Database Endpoint: Using a provided schema for clear data organization



At SYSTEMA, we excel in providing top-tier solutions and closing functional gaps on the fab floor. For 30 years, we have specialized in training, consulting, developing and implementing smart manufacturing solutions for the semiconductor industry. Our user-focused approach includes tailored functionality and comprehensive support, empowering users to fully utilize their systems.

SYSTEMA Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS) is your comprehensive solution for optimizing semiconductor manufacturing. With its robust features, competitive advantages, and unparalleled support, it's time to take your operations to the next level. Contact us today to learn more and start your journey towards greater efficiency and resilience.