SAP Manufacturing and SAP Leonardo

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What is SAP Manufacturing?

SAP Manufacturing solutions enable your company to integrate and embed intelligence in manufacturing processes facilitating Industry 4.0 principles with a single-source of real-time information. They provide the data required for optimal coordination of resource planning and production execution, covering all aspects of the manufacturing cycle from production order to order fulfillment and beyond. Digitization of your manufacturing processes allows you to increase manufacturing efficiency and agility and leverage the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Furthermore, SAP Manufacturing ensures transparency at the component and material level at all times.

SAP is the only company that provides a fully integrated solution from machine level to ERP all-in-one. If your company is already running on SAP S/4 HANA and you are looking to fully integrate your supply chain and get more out of your production, SAP offers a variety of solutions for digital manufacturing.

Phase 1
MES with
Manual Interactions

  • Operator driven workflow
  • Minimal traceability
  • No equipment integration
  • Manual data collection

Phase 2
Basic Equipment

  • One-directional connection: data from equipment to MES
  • Automated data collection and cycle count
  • Automated machine status
  • Increased traceability, reduced failure rate
  • Reduce opportunities for operator error

Phase 3

  • Single piece tracking; integrated scanner
  • Bi-directional connection: data flow between equipment and MES
  • Interlocking scenarios; increased process safety
  • Paperless production
  • Operators shift focus away from repetitive, low level tasks to higher level problem-solving

Phase 4
Integration of
Complete Lines

  • Material transport and handling automation
  • Line integration via process control unit (fully automated)
  • Handling/loading steps using robots
  • Higher throughput; higher quality
  • Full traceability
  • Opportunity for operators to expand production skills as maintenance tasks for robots, transport and automation will be needed

Phase 5
High Automation

  • Fully automated production process
  • Flexible transport units (AGV)
  • Interlinked machines
  • System driven workflow: operator in supervisory/oversight position

Phase 6
Lights Out Fab

  • No operator intervention: fully automated failure and exception handling

Digital Manufacturing with the SAP Manufacturing Suite

The modular structure of the SAP Manufacturing Suite powered by SAP Leonardo  allows you to scale a solution tailored towards your specific needs. Whether your needs range from basic MES functionality with a focus on effectively controlling work-in-progress (WIP) processes, to “paperless manufacturing” by automating communication and decision-making regarding the execution of production processes, to more advanced automation capabilities where the operator oversees production processes which execute through limited or no human intervention – it is possible to identify the modules, methods, and SAP products necessary to meet the unique needs of your production environment.

SAP Manufacturing

SAP Leonardo Innovation Platform

SAP Leonardo is the digital innovation platform from SAP. It combines technologies, software and micro services that enable customers to leverage technologies like the Internet of Things, machine learning, Blockchain, analytics, and big data. SAP Leonardo integrates new technologies on the SAP Cloud Platform to fast-track your digital transformation initiatives. Use the system to rapidly adopt new business models and capabilities – and add future technologies as they emerge. Within the SAP Leonardo portfolio SYSTEMA is focusing on the manufacturing relevant topics like:

  • Predictive Analytics
    Big data and powerful algorithms within the SAP Cloud platform enable advanced analytics capabilities and AI-driven insights such as predictive quality and predictive maintenance.
  • Machine Learning and Edge Computing
    SAP Leonardo Machine Learning combines intelligent applications and services like the use of the Predictive Analytics Library (PAL) and services offered through the SAP Leonardo Machine learning foundation.

SAP Leonardo

Why partner with SYSTEMA?

SYSTEMA was one of the first companies to become a preferred SAP Manufacturing Service Partner when SAP began offering shop floor solutions and MES initiatives more than a decade ago. For more than 25 years, SYSTEMA has been providing manufacturers with a full range of IT-consulting and best practices to help maximize performance within their production environments.

SAP Manufacturing Consulting and Services

  • Analysis and optimization of manufacturing processes
  • Architecture and process consulting for manufacturing execution solutions
  • Design and implementation of automation solutions
  • Integration of standard SAP MES solutions
  • Customized extensions for SAP MES solutions
  • Equipment integration services (more than 10,000 equipment integrations worldwide)
  • Execution of international projects from small to large scale
  • Support for SAP MES implementations with 24/7 support operating 365 days a year

SAP Manufacturing Consulting and Services