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The global economy presents additional challenges for many of our customers, as they seek to maintain transparency, efficiency, and consistency across multiple sites and grow their international businesses.

With offices in Europe, Southeast Asia, and North and South America, SYSTEMA’s global footprint enables us to provide the highest level of support and collaboration to our customers and their projects.


Image of location Dresden

With our headquarters in Dresden, we are strategically located in the largest center of microelectronic industries in Europe. As the capital of the German state of Saxony, Dresden is at the heart of “Silicon Saxony”, a term used to describe the region and its hundreds of microelectronics businesses.

Maintaining strong, collaborative relationships with local manufacturing companies and world-renowned universities (e.g. TU Dresden and HTW), Dresden is also the center of our R&D activities.

In addition to its high density of outstanding research institutions, Dresden is also well known for its history, beautiful baroque architecture, and broad collection of fine arts.


Image of location Regensburg

SYSTEMA was founded in Regensburg in 1993 and has benefited from the rapid growth in the region for 30 years.

The historically and culturally significant, world-heritage city attracts travelers from all over the world. Since the founding of the university in 1962, Regensburg has developed into an important economic center, where global players as well as successful companies and start-ups have settled.

The automotive industry, with its suppliers and mechanical engineering expertise, as well as our team, appreciates the region’s excellent manufacturing environment and skilled labor.

A successful urban-cluster policy leads to close cooperation between companies, research institutions and universities.


Image of location Bend

Bend, Oregon is located along the Deschutes River at the eastern edge of the Cascade Mountain Range. Formerly a logging town, Bend has become well-known for its year-round outdoor recreation activities.

The rugged beauty of the high desert region is complimented by a growing tech community, Oregon State University’s Cascades Campus, a regional airport, and the active lifestyles of the people who work and live here.

Our Bend team shares the community’s passion for technology, entrepreneurship, and micro-breweries.


Image of location Penang

Penang is known as the “Silicon Valley of the East” due to the presence of several electronics, engineering, and other technology-related multinational companies, making it one of the main electronics manufacturing hubs in Southeast Asia.

With the strong demand to shift from labor-intensive to automated manufacturing processes, it is an ideal spot for us to run our local activities in the region.

Additionally, Penang is considered the food capital of Malaysia and has a strong reputation for its vibrant arts and culture scene. Its heterogeneous population is highly diverse in ethnicity, culture, language and religion – and so are our employees.


Image of location Singapore

Located in the heart of Asia, SYSTEMA Singapore partners with high-tech manufacturers in all parts of Asia to support manufacturing automation projects and manufacturing IT system integrations. Singapore’s geographic location and government initiatives in support of Industry 4.0 attract many high-tech manufacturing industries to the region.


Image of location Bangalore

Bangalore (officially known as Bengaluru) is famous for blending traditional with contemporary and is famous for its silk industry, arts and traditional foods. Bengaluru is also well-known as the “IT Capital of India” due to the presence of global IT companies and it’s vibrant start up culture.

SYSTEMA’s Bangalore office, located in Whitefield next to SAP India Labs, provides support to the local high-tech manufacturing industry. Our Bengaluru team specializes in providing SAP solutions and supports the full range of SYSTEMA’s consulting and smart manufacturing solutions.


Image of location Salvador

SYSTEMA Brazil is located in Salvador, Bahia, in the Northeast of Brazil. Coastal region of great natural beauty, Salvador is one of the largest poles of industrial and technological development in Brazil, with a strong petrochemical industry and a wide education network with federal and regional universities. Our team has extensive experience in developing and supporting solutions for Manufacturing Execution Systems across Latin America.


Image of location Jakarta

Our latest office, strategically situated in the region of Jakarta, Indonesia. This expansion reflects our unwavering commitment to delivering cutting-edge Manufacturing IT solutions to this dynamic region.

Indonesia, renowned as the world’s fourth-largest country with a youthful population, brims with promise. Our presence in Indonesia empowers us to play a pivotal role as a SAP partner for SAP MES solutions. Our core focus here revolves around implementation, with a vision that extends beyond – catalyzing the transition to Industry 4.0. The potential for growth and transformation in this region is monumental, and we’re thrilled to lead the way in this exciting new chapter.