visualizationThe art of visualization – providing transparent perspectives of manufacturing, engineering and supply chain operations that are planned, in-process, and completed. Enabling consistency in all levels of the data and information architecture. Visualization includes UI/UX, simulations, workflow and rules engine execution and transparency to your entire manufacturing operation.

Visualize end-to-end as-built transparency

With the integration of ERP, MES, and equipment, full transparency is no longer just a concept. Manufacturers have visibility to the precise as-built record of each part, regardless of where it is in the factory.

This includes the ability to trace from raw materials and batches to finished goods, and of course from finished goods to each raw material or subcomponent within the BOM.

From orders to inventory, from operation and resources (humans, equipment) to equipment-specific parameters and recipes – an electronic as-built record is available on-demand.

Make confident decisions using real-time manufacturing information

Today’s solutions enable manufacturers to work from real-time information from the shop floor through ERP.

Real-time information is critical if issues are to be identified and resolved efficiently and consistently. In addition, these data provide an entirely new dimension of possibilities to further visualize and manage production.

Often missing within reporting frameworks is a closed-loop simulation environment allowing the exploration of manufacturing operational changes prior to committing to them.

Using production data to report real-time status, as well as simulate and evaluate proposed changes to the shop floor, provides increased confidence that changes will result in the desired improvements.

Get actionable transparency with an operations cockpit

In many factories today, there is a multitude of operational user interfaces (GUIs). Manufacturing operations is tasked with updating one system, with data presented in another system, while monitoring the GUI from yet another.

Missing is a simple overview or “cockpit” providing a real-time, event-driven, consistent yet actionable status of the entire production landscape. Equipment that is out of sight may need urgent attention. The material that you were preparing to work on may have been put on hold for SPC violation or engineering inspection.

At shift-change you received only a verbal pass-down while updates to the paper log-book for your ‘special’ equipment were forgotten.

These are just a few of many examples. Through proven integration and visualization solutions, your team will know exactly where to focus now. Drilling down to the operator interface and taking appropriate action within a unified, factory-wide GUI ensures that everyone sees and acts upon exactly the same information, whether standing on the shop floor, in the office, or at the airport.

Operator Interface – Factory-wide, event-driven, real-time

Through continuous adoption of MES and Equipment Automation, paper-based information is replaced with graphical user interfaces (GUI).

GUIs are designed to present the shop-floor personnel with a standard (operation to operation) processing workflow, incorporating all aspects of the operation and/or equipment-specific work (work instructions, data collection, SPC, recipe management, material status, and priority, etc).

The GUI is also available within your office environment and is extendable to mobile platforms, allowing teams, especially the maintenance squad, to collaborate from any physical location while viewing the same information.