With increasing adoption of standard manufacturing execution systems (MES) over the past decade, specifically SAP’s Manufacturing suite, in-house IT specialists focus on efforts largely centered around simply keeping operations running and often have little time to explore and adequately evaluate possibilities to fully leverage and extend the capabilities of these systems in order to further Industry 4.0 initiatives.

As a result, it is common to see the following opportunities on the shop floor:

  • ensure that the most current version of SAP Manufacturing software is in use in order to prevent the risk and effort associated with managing legacy software
  • ensure new processes and changes to existing processes are supported by and modeled within the manufacturing execution software
  • ensure that all applications can be supported at all times by transforming localized IT knowledge, or “tribal knowledge”, related to systems and shopfloor processes into a shared knowledge-base which is documented and modeled within the IT system
  • investment in increasing levels of manufacturing automation

Application management is critical to a manufacturing organization’s ability to pursue digital transformation or Industry 4.0 initiatives. A comprehensive approach to application maintenance support follows the following approach:

  • Maintain: ensure SAP Manufacturing suite is up-to-date and properly integrated across the manufacturing IT landscape
  • Extend: explore and adequately evaluate possibilities to leverage the capabilities of IT systems in order to further Industry 4.0 initiatives, then extend system capabilities accordingly
  • Transform: advance towards increasing levels of manufacturing automation capability
SAP Manufacturing Application Management Service

SYSTEMA has a deep understanding of application maintenance and digital transformation strategies as a result of 30 years of experience providing software, support and consulting services for manufacturing automation. Additionally, we have been providing training, consulting and implementing SAP Manufacturing solutions since 2009. A common theme in all of our digital transformation projects is to align all key representatives who will be impacted by systems, technology, and process changes by enlisting their feedback, addressing questions and concerns, and developing solutions with the end-users in mind. Further, we provide the support and services necessary to guide the change process from start to finish.

What is SYSTEMA’s SAP Manufacturing Application Management Service?

SYSTEMA’s SAP Manufacturing Application Management Service (AMS) provides 24/7 support for any existing SAP Manufacturing IT landscape and expert recommendations designed to maximize your production floor’s capability, quality and operational efficiency.

SYSTEMA’s SAP Manufacturing AMS offers a comprehensive approach to application management and support from maintenance through to insights regarding opportunities to transform and further optimize IT assets. By understanding your manufacturing processes and IT infrastructure, we are able to go beyond simply providing technical support. Our experts have been providing consulting, implementation, training and supporting for SAP Manufacturing solutions since 2009 and are uniquely positioned to apply this experience for your benefit.

SAP Manufacturing Application Management Services may include:

  • Digital Manufacturing (DM Insight, DM Execution, SAC, etc.), formerly known as DMC 
  • Proactive release support for DM (SAP Quarterly Update Check as a Service)
  • SAP ME, MII, PCo application support
  • SAP Basis Administration Support for the components of SAP Manufacturing solutions by implementing best practices for monitoring, upgrading the patch and ensuring high availability of the IT landscape
  • Proactive health checks
  • Sharing of manufacturing best practices to support continuous improvements on the shopfloor
  • Training sessions for end-users designed to reduce support tickets
  • Proofs-of-Concept (PoCs)

By partnering with, rather than replacing, in-house IT staff, SYSTEMA can ensure localized IT knowledge becomes a well-documented shared knowledge-base, accessible around-the-clock, and is fully leveraged to ensure your IT systems and manufacturing processes provide your company a tangible competitive advantage.

Application Maintenance

SYSTEMA’s SAP Manufacturing Application Management Solutions


  • “Follow-the-Sun” Support: leverages SYSTEMA’s global presence and multilingual team to provide 24/7 support in end-user’s native language
  • SAP Administration: provides monitoring and maintenance for SAP Manufacturing landscape, implementation of version upgrades and system updates per SAP standards
  • Solution Documentation: focuses on documenting ticket resolution outcomes to allow in-house IT staff to focus on support and optimization efforts
  • Business Value Creation: emphasizes prevention of recurring tickets by resolving service tickets, root cause analysis, providing end-user education, and sharing best practices for minor process optimizations based on SYSTEMA’s domain, manufacturing, and business process expertise
  • Customizable Service Agreements: recognizes the unique needs of your business by providing flexible Service Level Agreement models and pricing

Maintain & Transform

  • Includes Key Features of Maintain (shown above)
  • User-Interface Simplification: focused on end-user experience
  • Proofs of Concept (POCs): spotlights areas where digital transformation is recommended and focuses on development of a transformation strategy, beginning with a proof of concept
  • Solution Architecture Implementation Support: centers around supporting digital transformation efforts by considering the “as-is” or current situation as well as the “to-be” or future state of the IT architecture
  • Workshops Solutions Demos: based on needs and recommendations for your production environment/shop floor


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Support and fully leverage your existing IT landscape

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Optimize effort and maximize budget

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Gain insights on next steps in digital transformation strategy

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Business optimization and innovation

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Quality risk management

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24/7 expert support available in German, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin, Hebrew and Hindi

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Reduce risk related to “tribal knowledge” and unavailability of in-house experts

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Near shore support enables support in local languages

SAP DM Quarterly Update Check as a Service

At every stage of the quarterly update testing process, we ensure that your updates are analyzed and executed quickly, efficiently and thoroughly, allowing you to make the most of the newly deployed features of SAP DM.

We guarantee

  • Evaluation of released new features
  • Assessment of benefits for your manufacturing environment
  • Consultation for necessary adjustments
  • Know-how transfer
  • Training on new SAP features, etc.


  • Maximum efficiency: Reduce time and cost of quarterly SAP DM Cloud update
  • Faster utilization of new features: By understanding your environment, we can provide you with comprehensive guidance
  • Robust testing: Test faster and more reliably with our help
  • Expertise at the right time: With our consulting, you benefit from knowledge transfer and get the expertise you need when you need it
  • Expert analysis: Our experts analyze the impact of each quarterly update so you don’t have to

Why partner with SYSTEMA?

As one of the first SAP Manufacturing Service Partners, we have been supporting our customers since 2009 as a reliable manufacturing specialist, service provider and trusted advisor with over 200 consultants using SAP solutions for production.

SAP Manufacturing Consulting and Services

  • Analysis and optimization of manufacturing processes
  • Architecture and process consulting for manufacturing execution solutions
  • Design and implementation of automation solutions
  • Integration of standard SAP MES solutions
  • Customized extensions for SAP MES solutions
  • Equipment integration services (more than 10,000 equipment integrations worldwide)
  • Execution of international projects from small to large scale
  • Support for SAP MES implementations with 24/7 support operating 365 days a year

SAP Manufacturing Consulting and Services