Connecting production equipment with manufacturing IT systems enables highly automated production while providing the data necessary for material and process traceability and manufacturing analytics. Integrated equipment provides real-time data regarding production processes which enable data-driven optimizations around critical factory metrics and can help detect quality issues before they become scrap events. 

At SYSTEMA, we understand the challenges that come along with integrating systems and equipment on the shop floor. We have been doing this successfully while providing training, consulting and implementation of SAP Manufacturing solutions for manufacturers since 2009. A common theme in all of our digital transformation projects is the alignment of all key representatives who will be impacted by systems, technology, and process changes by enlisting their feedback, understanding their questions and concerns, and developing solutions with the end-users in mind. Further, we provide the support and services necessary to guide the change process from start to finish and empower users to effectively leverage the system without ongoing external support by providing the necessary training.

What is SAP PCo?

SAP Plant Connectivity (SAP PCo) is the bridge between equipment and MES. SAP PCo enables the exchange of data between information technology and programmable logic controllers, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) devices, plant historian systems, and more in a manufacturing environment. PCo queries data from source systems using a wide range of supported protocols. This data is sent by PCo to the configured destination system such as SAP Manufacturing Integration & Intelligence (SAP MII), SAP Manufacturing Execution (SAP ME), the SAP technology platform SAP HANA, or SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM).

Key Features of SAP PCo

  • Bi-Directional data exchange
  • High-performance Interoperability
  • Machine protocol conversion and secure communication with SAP systems
  • Configurable process sequences; orchestration of independent machine units
  • OPC UA client and flexible Web Service invocation (REST, SOAP, OData)
  • Web Socket Sever, Web Server, OPC UA Server; MQTT source and destination
  • Bundling and buffering of notifications; notification delivery retry; rule framework
  • Remote configuration of PCo from SAP MII
  • Open for customer specific enhancements (proprietary protocols and complex processing logic)

Key Benefits of SAP PCo


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Quick Configuration: PCo can be configured quickly to connect source systems in production environments without additional development efforts within the existing manufacturing IT infrastructure

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Single Platform: PCo is the only platform needed for equipment integration to enable communication between equipment and various software systems on the shop floor

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Multi-Site Configuration: A PCo system can be configured for one or more locations

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Extensibility: PCo can be extended via release compatible SDK

Why partner with SYSTEMA?

SYSTEMA was one of the first companies to become a preferred SAP Manufacturing Service Partner when SAP began offering shop floor solutions and MES initiatives more than a decade ago. For more than 30 years, SYSTEMA has been providing manufacturers with a full range of IT-consulting and best practices to help maximize performance within their production environments.

SAP Manufacturing Consulting and Services

  • Analysis and optimization of manufacturing processes
  • Architecture and process consulting for manufacturing execution solutions
  • Design and implementation of automation solutions
  • Integration of standard SAP MES solutions
  • Customized extensions for SAP MES solutions
  • Equipment integration services (more than 10,000 equipment integrations worldwide)
  • Execution of international projects from small to large scale
  • Support for SAP MES implementations with 24/7 support operating 365 days a year

SAP Manufacturing Consulting and Services