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2022: Leveraging Data Insights & Adapting to Resource Scarcity

Opportunities for facing skilled worker scarcity

It seems that critical global crises continue to demand resilience, humbleness, and a solution-focused approach to support employees and customers alike with their very real and difficult challenges. One of the most critical issues continues to be attracting and retaining skilled workers. According to a 2022 Gartner survey1, leading CEOs agree that their priorities have shifted radically. While economic growth remains the most important indicator of the company’s success, priorities have changed to putting employee concerns before any other matter.

In manufacturing industries, a lack of skilled professionals is causing reduced capacity which in turn intensifies pressure on the remaining professionals – a vicious circle. Along with surging energy costs and material shortages, manufacturers are confronted with the very big question: How is it possible to increase production, improve quality, operate sustainably, and reduce scrap whilst cutting back on all kinds of resources? Manufacturers are escalating their search for software to provide solutions but often find the software complicated to operate and maintain. Simply put, software is useless if it’s not easy to understand and navigate.

Artificial intelligence, advanced analytics, and machine learning boost efficiencies

The use of AI for day-to-day manufacturing operations is expanding. By the beginning of 2020, nearly a quarter of leading manufacturing companies had adopted AI-based solutions and, by 2021, that share had grown to 76%.

At SYSTEMA we strive to make the lives of manufacturing operators, IT professionals, engineers, and project managers easier so that they can concentrate on what cannot be solved with software solutions just yet. Therefore, our main focus continues to be in the area of machine learning. Some specific areas of interest for us are advanced ML algorithms, scenario analyses (some thousand times faster than real-time), and Advanced Manufacturing Planning & Execution … to name just a few.

From Globalization to “Re-globalization”

The focus on domestic chip manufacturing increased due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The U.S. has passed the $52 billion Chips and Science Act, while the EU is targeting a 20% share of total global semiconductor production by 2030.

Among the many companies seeking to re-globalize, we would like to highlight a few in particular:

Looking ahead: SYSTEMA celebrates 30 years!

2023 will mark 30 years since SYSTEMA was founded! We cannot thank our employees, customers, and partners enough who continue to help us thrive. We could not be here without you.

Looking back on the many projects we were able to successfully contribute to, it becomes crystal clear to us how important all of these long-term partnerships with our customers are: at SYSTEMA, we are passionate about taking a holistic approach to problem-solving manufacturing issues to ensure that we resolve the root cause, rather than apply bandages. In each collaboration, we are rewarded the moment we see results and realize how a solution has helped our client to reduce equipment downtime, increase quality, optimize resource utilization, enable traceability, and boost customer satisfaction.

What can you expect from us next year

To continue supporting our clients efficiently we are planning to streamline our offering further and will be happy to keep you updated on our Factory Automation User Group and SAP Manufacturing Innovation Day.

Furthermore, we will continue with webinars providing in-depth and hands-on manufacturing IT knowledge. If you missed out on any material, recordings and slide decks are still available. You can find all resources here. Make sure to follow us on LinkedIn to never miss a webinar and stay up to date with the latest events, news, and manufacturing IT resources.

German website

Supporting customers worldwide, SYSTEMA focused on maintaining an internationally accessible website. This year, a portion of SYSTEMA’s site became available in German. As with most technical projects and ever-changing business dynamics, it’s a work in progress and we appreciate any candid feedback you would be willing to share with us.

Merry Christmas, happy holidays and a happy new year 2023!

From everyone at SYSTEMA, we wish you and your families a happy and healthy new year. See you again next year!


1 Source: Mid-2022 Update Gartner CEO and Senior Business Executive Survey (Gartner 2022)


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