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by Manfred Austen, CEO, on July 22, 2020

Exciting SYSTEMA news! Brazil-based INTERFACE TECNOLOGIA DA INFORMAÇÃO EM SISTEMAS has joined the SYSTEMA organization. We are thrilled to welcome INTERFACE (now SYSTEMA Brazil) and their well-established team of highly experienced SAP manufacturing consultants.

SYSTEMA and Interface have successfully worked together for over 7 years, having most recently deployed SAP MII based solutions to Coca Cola FEMSA. INTERFACE and SYSTEMA began collaborating in business development and presales activities in 2013, and began the joint implementation project with Coca-Cola FEMSA in 2014. The success of this project motivated additional FEMSA sites to implement a similar solution, and since this time SYSTEMA and INTERFACE have continued to collaborate and deepen the business relationship.

Both INTERFACE and SYSTEMA are focused on ensuring our customers have the correct automation solutions in place, providing stability and efficiency while delivering on the promises of IIOT and Industry 4.0. INTERFACE is excited to be an important part of SYSTEMA’s rapidly growing SAP business and, together, the management and engineering teams are already working on a platform of preconfigured solutions to rapidly accelerate delivery schedules.

SYSTEMA Brazil (formerly INTERFACE) has established themselves as the regional authority for SAP manufacturing solutions across many industries and business segments and they are an important part of SYSTEMA’s growing presence worldwide to provide manufacturing automation software solutions. They have considerable industry experience successfully working with many customers, including:

SYSTEMA Brazil will support customers throughout the Americas region to develop innovative Industry 4.0 SAP Manufacturing solutions. Together with SYSTEMA India, Israel, Singapore, Germany, and USA, SYSTEMA Brazil will be an integral part of SYSTEMA’s “follow the sun” application management services. SYSTEMA will extend our Application Management Services (AMS) to include participation with our teams in Germany, Brazil, India, Singapore, Israel and the USA. If interested, please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

SYSTEMA is currently hosting a series of SAP solution webinars and, in the near future, SYSTEMA Brazil will host similar events. Please check our website to register for an upcoming event, or to access prior sessions on-demand.

SYSTEMA is extremely excited to welcome SYSTEMA Brazil and to expand our capabilities to provide superior support and service to our customers throughout the world! 

Meet the team at SYSTEMA Brazil (formerly INTERFACE)

We are extremely excited to have the team onboard and actively contributing to projects in coordination with our site leads and engineering teams worldwide. SYSTEMA Brazil will continue to be guided by its leadership team:

Solutions Architect: Marcelo Vieira

Project Leaders: Daniel Simões, Diana Ourives, Thiago Vieira 

General Manager: Jorge Mottecy


SAP Manufacturing Solutions Architect

Marcelo Vieira

Marcelo leads the team with 25 years of experience and a deep understanding of manufacturing, automation, and Industry 4.0 for both the discrete and process industries. Marcelo ensures that the SAP Manufacturing Solutions (ME, MII, PCo, PP, PM, PI, QM, WM) and manufacturing processes are correctly modeled, designed, integrated and implemented, from the shop floor equipment through the ERP (S/4HANA, SAP R/3). Currently Marcelo is leading our team to integrate the SYSTEMA MII Framework into S/4HANA. Marcelo graduated with a degree in Data Process Technology from the Bahia School of Data Processing.


Project Leader/Senior SAP Manufacturing Consultant

Daniel Simões

Daniel holds a degree in computer science and an MBA in systems and web applications. Daniel brings over 15 years of experience in software development as an SAP ERP Functional Analyst and SAP MII Specialist in manufacturing processes across many industry verticals, including both discreet and process manufacturing. Daniel has led projects to analyze, design, implement, migrate and upgrade SAP R/3 and S/4HANA for manufacturing with complex SAP landscapes that include Product Planning (PP) and Production Planning Process Industries (PPPI) as well as Plant Maintenance (PM) and Quality Management (QM). Daniel additionally brings a deep understanding of PIMS (OsiSoft and Aspentech IP21), Laboratory Information Systems (LIMS), and database design and implementation.


Project Leader/Senior SAP Manufacturing Consultant

Diana Ourives

Diana holds a degree in computer science and an MBA in logistics and production management. She brings over 20 years of experience as an SAP ERP Functional Analyst and SAP MII Specialist in manufacturing processes across many industry verticals, including both discrete and process manufacturing. Diana is an SAP PP (certified), controlling (CO) and ABAP developer, and she leads teams to define and deliver solutions to oil and gas, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, electronics, and automobile industries.


Project Leader/Senior SAP Manufacturing Consultant

Thiago Vieira

Thiago holds a degree in information systems and 7 years of experience in SAP MII and ME manufacturing applications, shop floor equipment integration (PCo) and is a mobile applications specialist. Thiago leads his team to design and implement solutions that bring data from the shop floor equipment level through SAP PCo, SAP MII and SAP ME to the ERP (PP, PP-PI, MM, QM, PM, and WM).


General Manager

Jorge Mottecy

Jorge holds a degree in mechanical engineering and specialization in production engineering, information systems, and economics with over 30 years of manufacturing operations management experience and 15 years leading SAP Manufacturing projects in a large variety of industries in Latin America, USA and Asia. Jorge will be responsible for business development and program management of SAP Manufacturing solution projects.


SAP MII Senior Consultant

Ramiles Silva

Ramiles has a degree in computer engineering and 8 years of experience in software development, web and database application design and implementation. Ramiles brings a strong background in web technology development, and over 4 years of experience with UI/UX for SAP Manufacturing solutions.


SAP MII Senior Consultant

Vinicius Ribeiro

Vinicius holds a degree in computer engineering and 5 years of experience in software development, web, mobile and database applications, data science and analytics. Vinicius focuses on the integration of manufacturing processes and the integration, use, and application of manufacturing data for manufacturing operations transparency.


SAP MII Consultant

Kleyton Tavares

Kleyton holds a degree in information systems and 5 years of experience in software development, including web, mobile, and database application development. Kleyton focuses on SAP MII integration scenarios, linking the shop floor to the ERP.


INTERFACE was founded in 2005 by Marcelo Vieira following his professional career with Camaçari Petrochemical Polo in Bahia/Brazil where he was responsible for delivering software solutions to manufacturing customers such as Caraíba Metals and Copene. This professional experience earned Marcelo valuable insights into industrial controls and software automation and integration for the process industries.
INTERFACE was founded with the objective to provide regional consulting and support for software automation for the process related industries that were rapidly growing in Brazil. Marcelo’s knowledge of manufacturing operations management and business process automation brought the INTERFACE team their first business success with Caraíba Metals.

By 2007, INTERFACE began to specialize in the software automation and integration solutions within the SAP landscape, with a specific focus to integrate manufacturing systems through the ERP level. Since then, INTERFACE has focused specifically on SAP Manufacturing solutions including SAP MII, ME, PCo, PP-PI, QM, WM and more recently S/4HANA and the Digital Manufacturing Cloud-based solutions.