My name is Agnes Oszuszky (just ignore z-s in pronunciation and it will work out ;-) ) I am a Hungarian from Ukraine, but I have been living in Dresden since September 2016.

In 2014 I finished my German studies in Budapest and directly started working in IT customer support. After a detour via Ireland, I landed in Dresden in 2016 and also at SYSTEMA.

Shortly after my first degree, it was clear to me that I wanted to work with people and in IT. That’s why I was looking for a place to study business informatics. My husband brought SYSTEMA to my attention. After my successful application, I was able to start my dual business informatics studies in October 2016 at the Dresden University of Cooperative Education (Berufsakademie Dresden). Thanks to my supervisor at SYSTEMA, I was already allowed during my studies to deal with topics of project management and thus I was able to develop in this direction. I created guidelines, examined processes, and worked out optimization proposals. I never felt like “just a student”, because my opinion was listened to and my ideas were taken into consideration. Even as a student I became part of our PMO (Project Management Office). In addition to organizational issues, I also performed software testing. This task helped me to better understand the connections.
After my exmatriculation in 2019, I was hired as an IT project manager and was able to directly gain my first experience. As a project manager, I make sure that my team knows what currently needs to be done and what comes next. And of course, I am also in contact with our customers. I enjoy organizing and coordinating. High-quality work is very important to me. However, you can only deliver high-quality results if the employees themselves are satisfied. For about a year now I have also been a team leader for a development team of six people and I do my very best to support and guide them. Listening and reacting in time are very important to me as a team leader.


SYSTEMA is a medium-sized company that is nevertheless represented internationally. I have the opportunity to help shape the company. We are represented in almost all industries and also offer several solutions. Should I want to change my department, I would also have the opportunity to do something new here. The colleagues are very friendly and the management always has an open door – even in personal crises.