My name is Axel Wogawa and I am from Dresden. After my bachelor's studies in mechatronics at the University of Applied Sciences Mittweida (Hochschule Mittweida) with integrated skilled worker training, I studied information systems engineering at the Technical University of Dresden (Technische Universität Dresden).

In the spring of 2019, I came across SYSTEMA through a student workshop on the topic of industrial automation with IoT (Internet of things). I liked the topic area and the atmosphere right away, so I started a three-month internship at SYSTEMA in the summer of 2019. During the internship, I got to know my colleagues and the work and started working on a research topic (cloud and IoT-based automation). After the internship, I wrote my thesis at SYSTEMA on this topic.

Since mid-2020, I have been working as a Software Engineer at SYSTEMA, mainly in the IoT area. I work on research topics, such as software deployment and management, data analysis, and IoT stack selection, as well as on IoT customer projects. For the past year and a half, I have been leading a research project myself. I also took over the supervision of a student worker. Occasionally, I collaborate on marketing topics, such as blog posts and topic pages, or present in talks results of projects or research activities. So after just two years, my day-to-day work is pretty diverse.

What I like best about SYSTEMA is the atmosphere and the interaction among colleagues. Everyone is very professional and open with each other, which is the perfect basis for constructive discussions. Right from the start, I had the feeling that I could contribute and make a difference, instead of being the inexperienced newcomer who first gets the boring, unfinished tasks, as is the case elsewhere. In addition, the group of colleagues is very diverse, which is totally refreshing. Since I started working here, I have worked with colleagues from Indonesia, India, Egypt, Ukraine, China, Portugal, Russia, the U.S., and of course from Germany, with students, colleagues, and seasoned experts. This colorful mix is not only exciting because you always encounter something new, but these different perspectives also help the technical cooperation.

From a technical perspective, working at SYSTEMA is also extremely fun. In the field of IoT, there is a lot of new stuff to explore, develop and establish. I can let off steam to the full, both technically and creatively. It never gets boring here.