My name is Daniel Schöbel and I am a native of Dresden.

After my crazy resume with many ups and downs, I was looking for a new perspective that would permanently make me happy and satisfied.
Despite my apprenticeship as a forwarding and logistics services clerk at one of the three leading European logistics companies, I still had the urge to soak up more knowledge. So I decided to start a degree program with a practical focus once again.

After weighing my options, I decided to study at the Dresden University of Cooperative Education (Berufsakademie Dresden). The practical relevance was found, now the only thing missing was the right company. After extensive research, I came across SYSTEMA, which offered me a dual study program according to my academic needs and allowed me to advocate for myself to decide which skills I would like to develop.

Long story short: The work is exciting. Many people are talking about “Industry 4.0” and what it offers today and its potential in the future. SYSTEMA is putting Industry 4.0 into practice. For me, conditions were ideal for an internship. In July 2018, before the start of my studies, I started working with SYSTEMA to help me gain experience with their systems, get to know colleagues and make some new friends.

For the first two semesters, I focused on fundamentals. For this, I created an Android app to manipulate an OPC-UA server – encrypted and in near real-time communication.

In the second study year, I was allowed to participate in transferring a new standard of business modeling from the university to the company and establish it as a standard for process modeling.

In the third and final year of my studies, I was able to bridge the gap between research, concept, and applied practice for SYSTEMA with the bachelor thesis: “Evaluation of a conceptual global template approach for the introduction of a manufacturing execution system – application to a concrete project example in an industrial environment.”

As you might guess from the title of my bachelor thesis, I chose the direction of organization and management of projects. Now that I have finished, I am working as a sub-project manager and I successfully manage the project with the help of my mentor, who has accompanied me since the beginning of my studies.

In a nutshell: The topic “Industry 4.0” only really makes sense with MES. SYSTEMA is the hidden champion in this field and many of the world’s largest, renowned companies are our customers. If you want to be part of the hidden champion’s team and grow into one of the most exciting and lively industries, don’t wait to apply.