Hello, my name is Eckhard Schindler. I’ve been with SYSTEMA for 28 years. When I started my first day of work, the SYSTEMA office in Riemsdorf consisted of only a handful of people. It was a fantastic team with great chemistry! My first bigger project was the Basiszelle, an in-house MES for Infineon Technologies. The first lines of server code, which had been checked into the Source Code Control System, still have my fingerprint. Since then, SYSTEMA has continued to grow, proving my first impression right. Over the years, I have worked on various projects around the world, collaborating with international teams. It was my privilege to delve into the field of experiment management, bringing a whole new area of expertise to the company.

Infineon and the mentioned MES still exist and after some other commitments I continued to work on the same project. But the best part is this: it is now supposed to become the standard MES across all Infineon locations worldwide – just like our Experiment Management System already is. I am very proud of that! But I’m also grateful that SYSTEMA’s technically oriented and constructive approach has always provided me with the freedom to work. I felt valued for my expertise and there was always a great working atmosphere in our company. This was heavily influenced by the powerful and uplifting presence of our CEO, Manfred Austen.

Some may wonder how one can spend 28 years in the same company. My answer is simple: I always had variety, whether in teams or projects. I could travel, contribute my ideas and pursue new professional interests. What more could you ask for?