My name is Maria, I am from a small city in Russia (Izhevsk – not that small for Germany though 😉). 

In Moscow, I studied Marketing/Management at the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics. I then had an opportunity to move to Germany to study for my double Bachelor’s degree in International Business at HTW Dresden. So, in 2018 I officially moved to Germany. I had an Internship in Munich, then moved back to Dresden to study for my Master’s degree in International Management. During the second semester, I had to go abroad for one semester to confirm the “International” status of the degree, and simultaneously, I started searching for a company that would let me write my Master's thesis on a practical topic. I wanted to move into a new industry and develop my knowledge in project management and IT. That's when I stumbled upon SYSTEMA and had my first interview, where the opportunities for writing my thesis and further growth in the company were just perfect for me. My supervisor offered me a topic for the thesis, and this is where my actual journey in the Project Management Office of SYSTEMA began. For 7 months I’ve been gaining extensive knowledge and receiving a lot of training on project management. I conducted multiple interviews on the work processes of SYSTEMA and developed my skills in the sphere so that I could successfully finish my thesis.

I have now finished my degree in International Management and got a contract for a full-time position as a Junior Project Manager at SYSTEMA. 

I am very happy to be working at SYSTEMA as I appreciate SYSTEMA’s desire to develop employees, hence new ideas and contributions matter and are rewarded with recognition and encouragement. Employees are eager to collaborate and help if there is a need. At SYSTEMA, everyone is enthusiastic and motivated, which encourages me to come to the office with pleasure. I can definitely say that SYSTEMA contributes its resources to the professional growth of every incoming employee, whether it is a student or a full-time worker. This allows the company and employees to develop a trusting relationship in which both parties can be satisfied with the results.